I'm a very kool person to hang out wit.. love havein fun...I'm sweet but can b a little devil when i ready.. and just down to very friendly and i love makein frenz so dont feel it hard to talk to me.... i LOVE my if u have sumin bad to say abt it F@*$ off!!! i enjoy limein wit frenz and love to make ppl laugh.... i dont like wen ppl pretend to be sumin day not... so wen ur chillin wit me just be yourself no matter hw crazy oh childish u may be...its cool.. [:P] PP i dont drink or smoke so plz dont ask me to.... i hate ppl who lie and cheat so if u do dont add me!!!!! well like i said im very friendly so if u want to be frenz all u have to do is say hiiiiiiiiiiii [:P] [:P] [:P] ... i freaking lovvvvve rock music... one of my favorite is SLIPKNOT... heavy metal and rock is in my blood..... ROCKER 4 LIFE!!!

June 3, 2012 6:43 pm
<3 her so much ehh :P 

<3 her so much ehh :P 

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